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Types of abuse in nursing homes

A nursing home is expected to watch after your loved one and make sure that they are safe. Unfortunately, sometimes those who should be protecting the most vulnerable among us fail to do an adequate job. If you believe you are in this situation, we are here to help.

Broken Arrow Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

While we’d like to think that no one could be this cruel, nursing home staff members purposefully abusing patients has become an epidemic across the nation. 

Broken Arrow Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Nursing Home Neglect

Some nursing homes want to cut down on expenses by hiring the least amount of staff members possible to take care of their patients. This keeps their wallets fat, but it leaves your loved one in pain.

Do you suspect nursing home abuse?

Has your loved one been hurt by nursing home staff? Have they been refused sponge baths and left in the bed until they developed sores? These two things meet the qualifications for nursing home neglect. Every person on the planet deserves to have their needs met, but unfortunately, nursing home residents are often easy targets for neglect. Our Broken Arrow nursing home abuse lawyers can help you if you have a loved one who has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a nursing home staff member.

It’s extremely important to report the abuse. Not only will this ensure that your loved is protected and that you receive the compensation that you deserve, but this helps stop other patients from getting hurt, or more hurt than they already are. If a vulnerable population is at risk it is crucial that an investigation is started.

Signs of abuse or neglect

You may not be seeing the abuse or neglect. Elderly patients are often scared to report for fear of retaliation. There are certain signs you should look for during visitation like broken or fractured bones, bedsores, poor hygiene, malnutrition, bruises, withdrawing socially, being easily frightened, or always seeming to be in a state of emergency or panic.

It is important to report the abuse or neglect immediately. Nursing home staff members have been so neglectful or abusive that patients have died. In order to prevent something more serious from happening, it is imperative that you report the abuse the instant you are aware of it.

It’s Time To Act Now

Letting this situation continue could mean a lot of people get hurt. If your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, you deserve justice, protection, and compensation. Abuse and neglect in a nursing home is not just a criminal matter, it also belongs in civil court.

Don’t wait another minute. Call our Broken Arrow office now and we will guide you through the process step by step of getting the justice and help you deserve. You don’t have to face this trying time alone. Our dedicated attorneys are here for you.

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Why do you need a Broken Arrow nursing home abuse attorney?

With each passing year, seniors are being abused more and more. They are emotionally scarred, physically harmed and financially ruined. In most instances, nursing home staff members and residents are responsible for this act. The main goal of any previously mentioned staff is to keep residents happy and most importantly healthy.

In order to protect those who currently reside in a nursing home, family members and loved ones should regularly check and immediately report based on various warning signs.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Simply put, nursing home abuse is any form of harm that comes into the life of an elderly resident at a facility. Forms of abuse can be financial exploitation, emotional injuries, sexual assault and several other types of scarring tactics. In most cases, families put their trust in these facilities to provide effective and immediate care that they themselves cannot provide. However, nursing homes tend to abuse their power and provide the furthest thing from a safe environment for them.

Within recent years, there have been several public reports that indicated that residents of trusted nursing homes have been sexually assaulted, neglected, beaten and swindled out of their money. These issues generally tend to come from staff employed at these facilities. So if you believe that your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, you can report the signs and begin to take legal action to ensure that your loved ones are always safe.

Nursing Home Facts On Abuse

  • During the last year, at least 2 in every 12 adults suffered from nursing home abuse. This occurred in a community setting and was reported by some of the main health bodies across the world.
  • The World Health Organization has also reported that 2 out of 3 members of staff have confessed to abusing patients within the last year.
  • One out of three homes in the United States alone has been issued citations of abuse.
  • According to the Inspector Generals office, nursing home abuse with abuse on the whole generally goes unreported.
  • Within 2015 alone, there were reports which indicated that over 1 million persons resided in nursing homes alone in the United States.
  • Other crucial sources also indicate that by 2050, over 27 million persons will be living in care facilities.

Causes Of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse stems from several different factors. These include the following:

  • Burnout – In this environment, staff members tend to work tedious hours and the reality of dealing with residents can be quite stressful. Most staff members don’t entirely deal with frustrations in a healthy way and they often lash out at residents. This tends to go both physically and verbally.
  • Greed – Residents tend to save and work hard to ensure that they can support themselves beyond retirement. Staff members who develop close relationships tend to find ways to swindle life savings from them.
  • Lack of supervision – Since staff members are not generally supervised, this leads them to often neglect the residents. This even extends for days at a time.
  • Understaffing – In most instances, nursing homes are severely understaffed. This places a great deal of stress on them which results in a lower degree of care being administered to residents.
  • Corporate decisions – Corporations are generally in charge of a monopoly of nursing homes. They always see this as the perfect opportunity to maximize their profits by hiring cheap labor. This also comes at a price where persons work in nursing homes and they aren’t any form trained or monitored.

Abuse doesn’t stem from just one source. However, there is never a proper excuse for it. Nursing home residents deserve a better life where they can be safe and protected at all times. The common signs of abuse include:

  • Repeated falls
  • Strange marks or sores around a residents genitals
  • Unexplained broken bones, bruises, or unexplained cuts
  • Fear of staff members and residents
  • Complaints of ill-treatment
  • Increased depression and anxiety
  • Poor hygiene
  • Untreated wounds
  • Loss of finances
  • Dehydration and starvation

Broken Arrow Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

If you’re interested in seeking help for your loved one at a nursing home facility, then you should contact us. When contacted, you’ll be able to discuss all the options available. When your loved ones entered a home, they should be treated with the highest degree of care possible. However, nursing homes are focused on making money and not too much on their residents.

With legal action and law enforcement help, there’s a high possibility that you’ll be able to put your loved one’s abusers behind bars. Nursing home abuse attorneys can be extremely helpful as you deal with the high medical bills that were created because of abuse. By contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer, you’re taking your case to an expert who has experience in dealing with these cases.

Nursing home abuse lawyers are responsible for the following:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Filing a lawsuit against the responsible party
  • Helping those that were affected recover what was taken

If you believe that your loved one was abused in a nursing home, you need to take action now. In dealing with this matter, you need to have the best representation on your side. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

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